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Ability learns this is art and willingness to share experiece is a rarity.


Learning process is an integral part of our lives.
It is part of our human being and evolution. Similar to natural functions of organism like – breathing, laughing or running.

The knowledge that you cannot share becomes useless and the duty and obligation of a master is to share it. Therefore we created VITA ACADEMY POLAND. It is a kind of laboratory, field of creative experiments and place of permanent construction.
This project was designed for people who have a need to improve skills, are inquisitive and open for news. It is a project for a modern man, who cares about future and wants to take control of his own life. The Academy and its instructors have developed a series of training courses and seminars, which are organized in the educational blocks:
Vita, Vita MASTERCLASS, Aesthetic Program.



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If in our offer you not find a course for yourself, please notification telephone or through the contact form and let us know, which course you are interested in.

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Three skill levels. Find something for YOU.


Vita limited edition of courses organized by Vita Zahnfabrik and its dealers Denon Dental and Marrodent

It is an educational block within which we offer the possibility of taking part in the following classes:

  • Training for people who want to become familiar with VITA technology and materials or having difficulties in the initial period of operation or else making system selection.
  •  Technical training

How to find yourself in the world of modern prosthetics?
MASTERCLASS is a wide range of trainings during which instructors will introduce you to the latest global trends and share with you the tricks of the trade .The classes will become inspiration to create your own working methods.
The idea behind these meetings is to continuously develop professional skills by deepening knowledge and always being up to date with all the novelties on the market .
All classes are aimed at beginners as well as technicians with professional experience.
The content of each training is designed to fulfil the needs and enhance interest of students at different levels – from basic to advance.
Learning in small groups is a guarantee of providing environment highly suitable for gaining knowledge. Best quality information ,new methods and appropriate pace of learning give everyone the opportunity to activate and develop professional skills.

Aesthetic program

In the point where reality intersects with the world of ideas beauty is created.
This concept however abstract is so characteristic in dental work.
The tendency towards perfectionism in modern world gave a new dimension to the work of a dental
technician. How to find yourself in a the world bordering on art?
How to give to the case dynamism and personality? Where to look for inspiration and motivation to the creation?
These questions are answered by instructors, who in their professional life have been focusing on colour, form and texture. Aesthetic Program is a series of trainings blending science, technology and art.
It is a proposal for those who want to challenge themselves and soar to great heights of their abilities, to overcome their own prejudices and weaknesses. For those who want to see more, to understand and to fulfil the expectations of the patient.
Classes are designed to teach how to bring out /release the beauty of the material and transmission to the invest the work with a unique, characteristic feature.


Upcoming courses

  • Vita
  • Vita Masterclass
  • Estetic program


Łatwość i profesjonalizm w doborze koloru

Piękny i zdrowy uśmiech jest wyrazem atrakcyjności, sukcesu i jakości życia. Stan i wygląd zębów ma niebagatelny wpływ na naszą sferę psychiczną. Jest ważną częścią nasz ...

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Łamiąc stereotypy o malowaniu prac

Esencją pracy ceramisty jest zawarcie maksymalnej liczby szczegółów w materiale ceramicznym. Tego jesteśmy uczeni przez naszych mistrzów. Tej zasadzie hołduje każdy, kto dąży do o ...

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Witamy słońce

W tym roku pogoda nas nie rozpieszcza. Pochmurne i deszczowe niebo powodowało, że policjantki do zwiewnych sukienek dodawały kalosze. Za oknem kałuże coraz większe, a ja zbyt często d ...

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VITAMANIA – w poszukiwaniu nowych horyzontów

Bez względu na to, czy pracujemy w metaloceramice, technice press, kompozycie lub korzystamy z dobrodziejstw pełnej ceramiki, nasze materiały stworzone są tak, aby w prosty sposób ...

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